Recent News

Western States Opioid Summit

Social Model Recovery Systems, co-sponsored by CCAPP, is excited to be hosting our first Western States Opioid Summit this September. If you are interested in attending or exhibiting, please visit our conference site here


Stepping Stones celebrates Lunar New Year

Stepping Stones was blessed to have Anna Lee give a presentation about the Korean Lunar New Year. Anna shared her family traditions. She showed each resident how to write their name in Korean and each resident was given their zodiac. They also made kites to release old, negative thoughts to the wind. It was a beautiful journey into a culture different from their own.

River Community welcomes Dr. Barbara Dickerson,...

Social Model Recovery Systems had the honor of welcoming Dr. Barbara Dickerson, Mental Health Liaison for Congresswomen Grace F. Napolitano, to River Community located in the Angeles National Forest. Dr. Dickerson was greeted by staff and offered an in-depth tour of River Community by three of our senior residents. After the visit, Dr. Dickerson expressed what a pleasure it was for her to visit and thanked us for offering a great insight and clear overview of the holistic approach of River Community.


Community Meeting with Park Representatives

In January, we met with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) to urge them to do something about the poor park conditions and share possible solutions. However, RAP wanted to hear from the community members themselves. As a result, we hosted a meeting to continue the discussion. Members of the Coalition shared their public health and safety concerns, which included poor lighting, drug use, public urination, and unsanitary conditions in the restrooms due to feces on the floor and lack of soap access. Although we had a plethora of concerns, we also provided RAP with community-driven solutions and offered our help. As a result, we got commitments to improve lighting at Hollenbeck Park and stock all restrooms with soap. Complex issues, like homeless people living in parks, are harder to tackle and require partnerships. RAP assured us that finding resources for the homeless is their top concern; however, getting people into permanent, supportive housing is not easy due to the housing shortage. RAP representatives agreed to help the CCERP team coordinate future park activities and continue to have a line of communication with our coalition — we are thrilled to get some work done, and see our parks thrive! Once again, our coalition led us to another win.


UCEPP staff member Adelene Bertha was recently recognized by the LA County Department of Public Health for her leadership, support, and commitment to the planning and successful execution of the 2018 Cannabis Summit and Emerging Leaders’ Summit. We salute her as she demonstrates her potential as a strong advocate for prevention!

The Graduation of Natalie S.

River Community Wellness Center is proud to announce the graduation of Natalie S.! As a participant, Natalie went above and beyond what she was required by the program and was always looking for new things to learn and participate in. She was pleasant to be around and presented with a cheerful and optimistic outlook. Natalie’s determination to be successful was consistent and allowed her family to be a part of her treatment. She became a good role model for her peers and was always ready to lend a helping hand. Natalie made no excuses for her actions and accepted her consequences as a learning opportunity and life lesson. Natalie’s plan is to continue with higher education, work full time, and apply for State Peer Counselor Certification with the Department of Mental Health. We look forward to seeing her join the Alumni Association and come back to speak and share her experience, strength and hope as she continues to grow in her recovery.

Mid Valley Outpatient’s Drug Court Graduation

Last week, Mid Valley Outpatient staff and participants celebrated the Drug Court graduation. Staff provided lunch at El Sombrero in El Monte, and then they proceeded to the El Monte Superior Court to participate in the graduation ceremony. Commissioner Rodriguez awarded successful completion with case dismissals and certificates from the court and from the city of El Monte. On behalf of the staff at Mid Valley Outpatient, we would like to congratulate all the graduates for their hard work and dedication to their recovery for 12 months.