Trans-Gender Day of Visibility (March 31)

 - Celebrate your Trans loved ones today and every day -

Royal Palms LGBTQ+ residential treatment program has not only the pleasure but the honor of celebrating our staff successes. Sophia is one of those success stories that is worth sharing as she has walked through trials and tribulations to be the woman who she is today. Sophia adds so much value to Royal Palms, as she presents with a desire and approach that comes from a place of acceptance, love, sincerity, and education for our residents. Sophia has chosen to work in the field of substance use to help others like herself who not only struggle with addiction but through transitioning to a new life in so many ways.

Jacob Adrian Pifher was born June 9th, 1994.

“Living in a body that never felt right, going through life trying to fit in and be accepted, I was continuing to live a lie because I was afraid, and where I come from there was no one else like me. I didn’t have the support to “come out.” I finally made a decision that would change the rest of my life. A day after my 19th birthday, on June 10th, 2014, I came out to my family that I was going to start transitioning to a female. I had to explain to them that I never felt right. Being born a male, I never felt like this was the body I was meant to be in. My parents struggled with this concept of life and it was new to them. After I came out, I lost a lot of family members. I didn’t have any support aside from my therapist. I had to educate myself on how to take each step to transition, as no one had experience doing this before that I knew of, not even my therapist.

“Three months after coming out as transgender, I saved up money for the first time so that I could move forward to acquire a name change, legally becoming Sophia Nicole Pifher. This day I started living my true authentic life. One year later, I started hormone replacement therapy. The changes were indescribable, from emotions to physical changes – mind you I didn’t know anyone during this time to talk to about these changes I was experiencing. All I knew is I started feeling right - every step of the way. Six years and 10 months later, I am glad that every struggle has been a learning experience on how I can help others through the similar process. I love the person who I’ve became to this day.”