Residential treatment for adolescents with alcohol and other drug problems.

residential drug treatment for adolescents, residential alcohol treatment for adolescents


Being a teenager in today’s turbulent society is tougher than in any previous generation. Peer pressure to become involved in high risk activities is at a record level. Every day headlines scream of gang wars, soaring dropout rates and children giving birth to children. Use of alcohol and other drugs is common in these situations. Tragically, alcohol related accidents are the highest cause of death among teens, with suicide a close second.

Touchstones offers treatment to adolescents experiencing the negative effects of alcohol and other drugs with a comprehensive system of recovery services to teens and their families. While in treatment, abstinence from alcohol and other drugs is a requirement for those choosing to begin a life of recovery.

Recovery relies on changing life habits. At Touchstones, teens gradually develop coping skills by finding a voice within the community. As they realize self esteem and self worth, they develop new attitudes and become increasingly capable of making healthy, responsible decisions about their behavior.

Treatment modules include residential and non-residential phases with emphasis on family recovery and support services, providing group and individual counseling, introduction to community 12-step groups and formal academic instruction.

Orange Unified School District provides a school on the property where many of our residents are able to maintain their educational requirements. Although many adolescents are behind in school credits when they enter treatment, the majority leave Touchstones with more credits than they would have earned in a traditional school environment.


Touchstones is designed to give children the necessary coping skills to deal with life in a family environment. Making appropriate living decisions and acceptable value judgments is the focus of much of the therapeutic interaction. To complement the child’s treatment plan, recreational and leisure activities are scheduled including day trips to amusement parks, attendance at plays and dances, and other supervised outings sponsored by the recovery community. Aftercare support groups are an integral part of our services as well as alumni support groups which ensure a continuing relationship with the recovery process.

Family participation in recovery and education sessions is strongly encouraged. Regularly scheduled groups are designed to help parents discover and implement solutions to the problems of living with a troubled child.

Touchstones is licensed and certified by the State of California, and accredited by CARF.


Referrals to Touchstones may be made with a telephone call by family members, school counselors, therapists, doctors, other concerned parties, or the adolescents themselves.

Admission is available to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Must be at least at the 9th grade level in school and younger than 18
  • Evidence of alcohol or other drug abuse
  • Willingness to participate in a voluntary recovery program
  • Free from medical problems requiring treatment in a hospital

The costs of most services are covered by many health insurance plans. Private party payment is determined on a sliding scale based on income. Touchstones is partially supported by County, State, and Federal funds.


Treatment services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of trained specialists. The team facilitates the process, education, multi-family, and specialized groups. The primary treatment team meets each week to discuss the individual needs of each resident.

Each staff member has experience working with children in recovery. Alcohol and other drug recovery services include daily contact with staff who have personal recovery experience. We provide a 1:2 ratio of staff to resident.

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