SMRS Staff Highlight: Vanessa Moses

"My life changed forever the day I walked into the doors of Mariposa. I was a 20-year-old girl lost and broken. I had no clue that the journey through treatment was going to help me in my future. The only goal I had at that time was to prove to the Department of Children and Family Services that I was a fit mother and worthy to have my child back in my care. I successfully completed 7 months of treatment at Mariposa and regained custody of my son. I transitioned into sober living and began volunteering at Mariposa. Mariposa was a safe haven for me, so therefore I stayed close by. I was too afraid to fall or slip back into active addiction. I expressed my gratitude through my hard work and dedication as a volunteer. I was offered a job at Mariposa and was in disbelief. 'How could a person like me, who did the things I did in my life be worthy enough for this opportunity?' Simple— a person believed in me when I couldn’t even believe in myself.

My start date was April 1st, 2008. It was no April Fools’ prank. I was blessed with an opportunity to give back to the community and through that process discover my potential. I became the Program Coordinator at Mariposa and worked there for 6 years. I left SMRS for a few years, to grow and ultimately expand my skill set. That did not last long…. I found my way back to Social Model Recovery Systems and began working at Bimini as the Program Coordinator and shortly after became the Program Director. Last year, I moved programs. I currently work at Rena B as the Program Director, and I am completely grateful for the immense opportunities that I’ve been given here at SMRS. I’m thankful for those who believed in me when I could not believe in myself… Thank you!

Today, I’m an Alumni and a Leader of Social Model Recovery Systems and have 13 years free from active addiction! It is possible for all your dreams to come true! I am grateful for my family here at Social Model Recovery Systems.

I leave you with this quote, 'You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.' – Maya Angelou."