Reorganizing SMRS Management

As Social Model Recovery Systems has grown exponentially in the past few years, Senior Management has realized a need for restructuring the organization at the upper levels so that work flow can be managed more efficiently. We believe that the new structure will support the continued growth of the agency as we move forward through the changes within the whole field of recovery services. We would like to congratulate Felipe Kaiser and Melanie Arellano as they started their new positions this month. Felipe Kaiser has been named Regional Director of San Gabriel Valley Programs while Melanie Arellano has been named as Regional Director of Los Angeles Programs. Both individuals possess many years of experience within treatment and have exhibited the leadership skills to guide successful teams. Another change that comes with this new structure is Screening and Assessment Department being taken under the wing of Treatment Services and Recovery Bridge Housing under Community Relations. We look forward to seeing how the changes will promote further opportunities so that we can continue reaching those in need of our services.