Photovoice Art Workshops for Adults

Sponsored by the Tobacco-Free Partnership of Covina/West Covina

We need YOUR views and voices to raise awareness about secondhand smoke in shared living environments.

Are you a resident of Covina or West Covina bothered by your neighbor’s secondhand smoke and looking for a way to voice your views at the community level? Join the effort to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke by enrolling in the Photovoice Art Workshops for adults (18+). Photovoice Art Workshops uses a method where community members participate in raising awareness on health-related issues and attracting attention of city leaders through photography and narration.

Starting the week of October 6, 2020
-Free to enroll for adults 18+
-No experience necessary
-Meet other like-minded community members

Space is limited. Register here:

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For information contact: Elsa Greno, Project Coordinator at