May 18, 2011

This morning Julie DeSena, Primary Counselor at our Pasadena Council on Alcoholism program, coordinated a visit from two representatives from the organization Peace Over Violence to provide information and resources for women who have been victims of abuse and violence. This activity was for the purpose of helping our current female participants begin the healing process as well as reinforce recovery. Valuable insight and knowledge on this topic was shared to help participants in gaining the necessary tools and support to help them in their goals of overcoming traumatic pasts. PCADD provided a small intimate and safe setting where our female participants were able to explore and process thoughts and feelings related to their pasts. We had an excellent turn out and response for this activity and we look forward to continuing to work toward recovery together.

This afternoon PCADD staff had the oppurtunity to recognize seven AOD adult program participants for successfully completing intensive outpatient treatment at our facility. We had a total of seven graduates in attendance as well as family, friends, sponsors, and peers. This was an inspiring celebration of recovery and a source of hope for our new participants. We are very proud of our graduates who are intent on carrying the message of recovery and helping others as they continue on their path to freedom from substance abuse.