July 26, 2011

The residents of Mid Valley Omni Center participated along with other programs of SMRS in a day full of sports, food and fellowship held at Covina Park. The residents enjoyed spending time in an environment where they could experience socializing and having fun with people without the use of any substances. Many of the residents wrote about their own thoughts and feelings. It appears that what stood out the most with the residents was the interaction and hope they shared with people that are going through a similar life changing experience. A resident wrote “Mid-Valley has helped me find the tools to overcome my addiction and instill a new honest belief system.” Another resident stated “Outings such as this drug free softball game gave me the chance to interact with others who have the same affliction as me. It is one of the few sober times that I will remember and cherish”.

Mid Valley joined River Covina/Wellness and River Community softball game last week. They stepped right in and had a great time. It was as if they had been coming for years.