Grandma, you be the black Ninja and I'll be the red Ninja

"Grandma, you be the black Ninja and I'll be the red Ninja" was Touchstones Program Director Patti Ochoa's four year old grandson's request. He was thrilled when she came to his pre-school halloween Party/Parade as a black Ninja. "Can my grandma be with me in the parade?", he asked his teacher and she proudly paraded - the only non-teacher adult with 100 pre-schoolers.  Residents at Touchstones are shown by the actions of the Treatment Team, on a daily basis, that the happiest, most productive moments in our lives, are the times we are doing what will make someone else happy, what will add to their life rather then being self absorbed and self involved in the world of drugs and unhealthy life choices.

Touchstones residents and staff celebrated Halloween with photo opportunities and pumpkin carving fun (some traditional and some not so traditional). Pumpkins were anonymously judged by staff and the carvers of the top three jack-o-lanterns joined the Program Director for lunch at a restaurant of their choice.