Denim Day 2021

The residents and staff of Mariposa and Rena B recently celebrated Denim Day. Residents were encouraged to creatively express themselves through art. Staff and residents alike actively participated in designing, painting, and writing words of empowerment, advocating against rape and sexual assault on pairs of denim jeans.

The story of Denim Day begins in 1992. In Italy, an 18-year old girl was raped by a driving instructor. The instructor was taking the young lady for her first driving lesson. He drove to an isolated area and sexually assaulted her. She reported the rape and the man was convicted. However, he later appealed, the appeallate judge overturned his sentence, and was released from jail. The judge said that because the young lady was wearing tight jeans she had to have helped the perpetrator remove her jeans. And by doing so, this made it consensual sex not rape.

The women from the Italian Parliament were so enraged with the overturning of this conviction they went to the Supreme Court in jeans to protest. For the past 29 years, Denim Day is a day to bring awareness and remind people that there is no excuse and no invitation to rape!