The "Spirit of Recovery" Award Recipient, Mike Schaub

Our very own Mike Schaub, Senior Director of Community Relations, was recognized and honored today as this year's Joseph L. Galletta "Spirit of Recovery" Award Recipient.

Dr. Joseph L. Galletta was a man who touched many lives at some point on their road to recovery. He was truly an addiction treatment pioneer. He was one of the first physicians to become certified in the new field of Addiction Medicine in 1983. Dr. Galleta was a man of great generosity, giving freely of his time and resources for the simple reward of helping. On many occasions, Dr. Galletta provided services to countless individuals regardless their ability to pay and also provided his time servicing on the boards of various facilities and organizations free of charge. His trademark positive attitude and optimistic outlook was an encouragement to all who knew him.

Presented by Hemet Valley Recovery Center, this great honor was a tribute to both the amazing work done by Dr. Galletta and Mike Schaub, an individual who's work emulates such a spirit and dedication to the field of recovery.

Mike Schaub has been recognized today as a man who embodies and demonstrates a dedication to the 12 step philosophy, leadership in the recovery field, the encouragement of others, and the promotion of sober lifestyles. 

Mike, thank you for your continued dedication and leadership! Congratulations!