Community Meeting with Park Representatives

In January, we met with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) to urge them to do something about the poor park conditions and share possible solutions. However, RAP wanted to hear from the community members themselves. As a result, we hosted a meeting to continue the discussion. Members of the Coalition shared their public health and safety concerns, which included poor lighting, drug use, public urination, and unsanitary conditions in the restrooms due to feces on the floor and lack of soap access. Although we had a plethora of concerns, we also provided RAP with community-driven solutions and offered our help. As a result, we got commitments to improve lighting at Hollenbeck Park and stock all restrooms with soap. Complex issues, like homeless people living in parks, are harder to tackle and require partnerships. RAP assured us that finding resources for the homeless is their top concern; however, getting people into permanent, supportive housing is not easy due to the housing shortage. RAP representatives agreed to help the CCERP team coordinate future park activities and continue to have a line of communication with our coalition — we are thrilled to get some work done, and see our parks thrive! Once again, our coalition led us to another win.