USC Fall Lecture: The Collected Schizophrenias

Last week, Ruth Baratta and Yolanda Sinclair, SMRS LPHAs from Mariposa and Rena B, along with Clinical Supervisor, Kelly Boardman, attended USC Gould’s Saks Institute Fall Distinguished Lecture featuring Elyn Saks and Esme Weijun Wang. These two women have fought to successfully overcome the obstacles involved with the diagnosis of Schizophrenia and excel both academically and professionally in their lives. The women gave brief accounts of their personal stories, followed by a discussion by Esme Wang focused on addressing stigma, resilience, and self-advocacy related to individuals who must learn to live with this difficult diagnosis. Both stories were very inspiring and conveyed hope in recovery from the symptoms and stigma of Schizophrenia. A Q&A session followed in which the women asked each other questions of their individual experiences, and then questions were opened to the audience of approximately 100 mental health professionals, students, and consumers.

For more information regarding the personal journeys of Elyn Saks or Esme Weijun Wang, read The Center Cannot Hold by Ms. Saks and The Collected Schizophrenias by Ms. Wang.

We hope to continue to attend this very inspiring annual event focused on mental health issues and recovery!