Annual Harvest Fest

River Community participants and staff were proud to host our "Annual Harvest Fest" on November 22. This is our annual open house event for our program and this year we are pleased to report a fantastic turnout. This year’s event was larger than previous years thanks to the attendance of the newly merged programs that came over from Mid Valley Recovery Services. The event was an opportunity for residents, alumni, staff, guests, family members, and participants from all Social Model Recovery Systems programs to come together in fellowship and the spirit of the season.  For many who have worked for the Agency for so long, it was a moment of joy and celebration to see so many of those served over past years doing so well.  It was also a great way of showcasing our program's facility, operations and quality of care that we offer.  For so many, this was their first glance at River Community and the feedback was fantastic. The tranquil surroundings and orderly grounds always make a good impression. If that wasn't enough, the feast was a way for generations of those affected by and recovering from addiction and mental health issues to come together and break bread.