Annual Alumni Picnic

Touchstones alumni held their Annual Alumni Picnic on Saturday, February 25. Close to 60 alumni and several of their family members (including alumni’s own children in two cases) attended the event and enjoyed games of volleyball (clearly, staff need a little more time in the garage on the workout equipment), Bingo, face painting, Hula Hoop competitions (someone needs to tell Patti O the Hula Hoop belongs around her waist), and sharing tales of “when I was at Touchstones” with one another. Prizes were awarded, laughter filled the park and everyone enjoyed bbq’d hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and lots of picnic goodies along with a celebration cake. Two former residents shared their sobriety birthdays at the event and one of them said, “I am so grateful that Social Model Recovery Systems founded Touchstones. It saved my life”.

Current residents and several family members attended the picnic as well and one current resident already started making plans for next year’s picnic when he would be an alumni. The earliest class of alumni attending was 2003, and the furthest traveled to attend the picnic came from San Diego. A special thanks to Touchstones counselor Irene for organizing the event, counselors Alejandra, Elvita, Eddie, Gilbert, Joshua and Manny, Barbara, and Duffey for their commitment and enthusiasm to Touchstones residents and alumni.