Recent News

Omni Center Holiday Celebration

The holiday spirit was alive and well at the Omni Center. The celebration began with a heartfelt share by our program director, Monique. She acknowledged the struggles that are attributed to being away during the holidays. The emphasis of the message was heard and felt by all-- the greatest gift that we give to ourselves and our families is the gift of our recovery. The touching share was followed by a home-cooked meal and stockings full of gifts. Monique and Narissa had a smile from ear to ear as they served the delicious meal, and Resident Rudy was excited to see what Santa put in his stocking.

Christmas Caroling at Rio Honda Convalescent Home

Staff and residents of Mariposa went to Rio Hondo Convalescent in Montebello to sing Christmas carols to the elderly. We brought Christmas cheer to those that cannot get out or who have not had a visit from family. We walked through the halls of the home for those unable to get out of bed. We enjoyed seeing them sing and cry out of happiness.

Mariposa Holiday Party

Staff, residents, and family got together to celebrate the holidays at Mariposa. Everyone sang Christmas carols with hope that Santa would show, and, to our surprise, Santa appeared. Children were excited to take pictures with Santa and receive gifts from Santa's elves. This was an emotional experience for some of our residents, since this is their first Christmas clean. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and desserts, and then, staff, residents, and family fellowshipped.

Mariposa Staff Christmas Lunch

All staff went to Ordunez restaurant in Montebello to have a Christmas lunch. We celebrated everyone’s dedication and hard work at Mariposa. Staff played the White Elephant game and enjoyed each other’s company. Each person shared what their New Year’s resolution will be and what this year has brought them.

Touchstones Holiday Party

Touchstones Staff had a lot of fun spending time with family and seeing Santa! Merry Christmas from Touchstones Staff!

Skid Row Community ReFresh Spot

There are those among us who feel great satisfaction when giving back to our community. We earnestly try to do our best. We feel pleased when we can donate some of our time or resources to those less fortunate. After giving, most of us carry on in our busy lives feeling content because we have contributed in some small way. Then there are those individuals who cannot rest even after dedicating endless hours, days, months, and years to a cause.

Please, let me take a moment to introduce three such people who work for our company that fit into the second category. Never do they pause to self-congratulate because they are too busy looking at the work that still needs to be done. When the day is done, and they have given and given to the community, they are the ones who only see what more needs to be accomplished.

As you will read in the attached article, there are four individuals in the SMRS family that deserve special recognition. Let’s give tribute to those who contributed to the most recent positive change to happen on Skid Row! Bruce Boardman, Zelenne Cardenas, Charles Porter and Adelene Bertha thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and continuous support to the Skid Row Community Improvement Coalition (SRCIC) that envisioned and advocated for the Grand Opening of the “Skid Row Community ReFresh Spot.”


Art and Prevention

CCERP staff recently had the opportunity to incorporate art into our work by using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design strategies at our local Boys and Girls Club. We used art to identify what the youth did not want in their communities, as well as what a safe community looks like, by designing positive messaging. Some of the messages tackled smoking, drug use, graffiti and littering. Although creating art can seem intimidating, we encouraged all participants to embrace mistakes and explore colors and mediums to express themselves. We are grateful for our partnership with the Variety Boys and Girls Club in Boyle Heights. The art work will be on display starting December 19th. Come take a look and get inspired!