Recent News

Happy Holidays from Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is enjoying the holiday season immensely. Last weekend, they walked in the Covina Christmas Parade, along with many other members of the Social Model Recovery Systems family. They enjoyed food and hot chocolate after the parade at a gathering hosted by River Community/Wellness. This week, the residents went to Home Depot and picked out trees for their house and our Recovery Bridge Housing. Happy Holidays! 

2nd Collaboration of Treatment Providers Meeting

Drug Free Anaheim hosted the second Collaboration of Treatment Providers Meeting. Several organizations were represented. The meeting reviewed the quarterly findings of the program’s 190 participants and began a comparison of data on the spread of opiates from the 200+ other Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I) programs throughout the United States. Colin Womer, Program Coordinator for Drug Free Anaheim, is truly proud to report that based on the data, Drug Free Anaheim has had the largest participation rate of a first year P.A.A.R.I program in the nation.

Narcotics Anonymous Convention

Last week, Stepping Stones women attended the Narcotics Anonymous Convention in Pomona. It was the first time that some of our participants attended a convention!


The Omni Center has a lot to be thankful for in this Thanksgiving Celebration month. Staff member Leo is celebrating his 7th year of being clean and sober. Residents James and Justin are celebrating their belly button birthday. Bryan, Peter, Ryan, Angel, Michael, Greer, and Max are celebrating 30 to 90 days of abstinence. 

Alumni Baby Shower

Mariposa staff and residents and Sabina Sober Living residents had a surprise baby shower for one of our Sober Living alumna. When the celebrant arrived at Mariposa, she cried with joy and stated: “You are the first friends who have ever done this for me. Thank you, all.” We had games, prizes, gifts, delicious food, and cake. It was a beautiful experience for all to see her smile.

30 Day Coining Ceremony

Mariposa staff and residents had a coin ceremony to honor 6 residents for their strength and commitment to remain in the program. We praised them for their commitment, strength, courage, and willingness.

Stepping Stones Honors Our Veterans

Last week, Stepping Stones attended the closing ceremonies at the Field of Valor in Covina, in honor of our veterans. It was an emotional day for some, and the stories that were told instilled a sense of pride in our country for most of our women. They were honored to speak with one veteran in particular, who shared his purple heart and the story behind it. They also learned the history of our flag and how to take care of it. Thank you to all the brave men and women who serve our country!