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We create an environment which promotes trust, advocates change, and allows individuals to develop hope. The power of recovery lies within each participant. We provide the tools (i.e., strategies, shared experiences) to the participants so that they are able to discover their personal choices.




We remain open to the views, truths, and experiences of others; it is humility which allows us to listen to what they can offer. When we concede that we do not have the answer to every question, trust can begin when we seek out others who may provide additional insight.


National Prevention Week 2020


Calling All Youth!



In our social model settings, the emphasis of recovery is based upon the relationship between the participant and his or her environment (including other participants and staff as a whole) whereas in a medical model of treatment, the emphasis of treatment is based upon the partnership of the patient and his or her doctor. It is the collective and integrated team of employees and participants more than one individual member which creates the ideal social model environment. It is the healing created by everyone's accumulated knowledge, collective experiences, and cohesiveness that make the social model process work. Although individual interactions between single staff and participants are supportive, it is the group interactions which prove to be of greater benefit.



Self-disclosure may play an important role in developing trust or understanding and instilling hope. Trust is the stepping stone that allows an individual to contemplate making changes. Self disclosure can establish and maintain an empathic relationship that gives the participant the sense of being understood. Staff must exercise discretion when contemplating self-disclosure. Appropriateness is best tested if all three of the following questions are answered as "yes":

  1. Is the intent of the self-disclosure to enable positive change in others?
  2. Will it create an environment that fosters trust and hope for the participant?
  3. Are the appropriate professional boundaries being maintained?


Congrats, Jossue Rubio!

The Inspiration of Uncompromising Service Award is given to a Social Model Recovery Systems employee who has demonstrated extraordinary efforts of uncompromising service. We invited our colleagues to recognize their peers for their outstanding work by submitting a story. A panel of colleagues in the community chose their favorite story and the winner was presented the award at last January's All-Agency staff meeting. We would like to congratulate Jossue Rubio (nominated by Sonia Casas) for his hard work and dedication!