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Advocacy is the process of learning more about oneself and the communities that surround us while promoting mutual change. As we learn more about our relationship with the communities we serve, we are better able to contribute to growth and change.

Our Service Mission


We are able to respect and appreciate the individual's uniqueness. It is our differences that make our communities strong. Members within our communities are acknowledged as each individual potentially offers a positive contribution.


Happy Anniversary, Touchstones!

Touchstones celebrates 28 years today! On March 25, 1992, we admitted our first three residents. Today, Touchstones residents and staff see ourselves as family where there is sobriety, growth, mutual respect, and support. Value is placed on each other’s differences creating a spirit of loving, learning, and contributing. Social Model Recovery Systems, Inc took possession of Touchstones, a property in Orange County, and for 28 years, we have been providing services to adolescents! Today, we honored and celebrated this anniversary with a small presentation and a birthday cake (In remembrance of Patti O., as well). The staff of Touchstones is grateful to be involved with this historic moment. Happy Anniversary, Touchstones! We thank everyone who has helped to make this possible. 



We are all examples to others; our actions influence those around us. We role model healthy behaviors through encouraging positive self-esteem and understanding appropriate boundaries. We strive to conduct ourselves in a responsible manner that demonstrates growth and change.




At the very foundation of a social model program is the environment that is created to support each participant. Change may best occur when participants feel nurtured in a safe, stable, and enriched setting. This environment is predicated on communicating with one another in an open, honest, and clear manner.

California Community Opioid Conference: POSTPONED