Recent News

May 18, 2011

The Touchstones hummingbirds hatched on May 17. The two birds were waing for their mother to return when this picture was taken. They should be able to leave their nest in about a week. Residents are busy trying to agree on names for the two.

May 18, 2011

This morning Julie DeSena, Primary Counselor at our Pasadena Council on Alcoholism program, coordinated a visit from two representatives from the organization Peace Over Violence to provide information and resources for women who have been victims of abuse and violence. This activity was for the purpose of helping our current female participants begin the healing process as well as reinforce recovery. Valuable insight and knowledge on this topic was shared to help participants in gaining the necessary tools and support to help them in their goals of overcoming traumatic pasts. PCADD provided a small intimate and safe setting where our female participants were able to explore and process thoughts and feelings related to their pasts. We had an excellent turn out and response for this activity and we look forward to continuing to work toward recovery together.

This afternoon PCADD staff had the oppurtunity to recognize seven AOD adult program participants for successfully completing intensive outpatient treatment at our facility. We had a total of seven graduates in attendance as well as family, friends, sponsors, and peers. This was an inspiring celebration of recovery and a source of hope for our new participants. We are very proud of our graduates who are intent on carrying the message of recovery and helping others as they continue on their path to freedom from substance abuse.

May 18, 2011

Program participants made this beautiful “Thank You” poster for Steve Parker, manager of our local Albertson’s grocery store. Steve and his staff have been donating food to River Covina and River Wellness for the last year and sadly, his store has closed. Participants and staff presented Steve with this poster to show their gratitude for his generosity. His support of our programs and the Agency as a whole will be missed.

Our participants created their “Personal Flags” which are an expression of themselves and where they are in their recovery. As you can see, they put a lot of thought into their stories resulting in the beautiful flags seen here.

May 14, 2011

River Community staff and residents attended the annual Al-Impics event this weekend. This year's theme was "Unity in the Community". Everyone was excited to see so many others in the recovery process. Two of our residents took home Gold medals in the weight lifting competition. The event was the highlight of the week and the resident's spoke about the pride they felt for days afterwards. This year's banner was a truly collaborative effort that took on a life
of its own. The banner will be placed in the training room as a reminder of what individuals can achieve as a community.

May 6, 2011

Spring Time at Touchstones

The nesting humingbird outside the front door at Touchstones reminds us that it's spring time. Residents researched the length of time for hummingbird eggs to hatch and we anticipate watching over her for four weeks until her little hatchlings are here.  (Editor's note: We don't have a photo release on this little lady, so please don't tell her.)

April 30, 2011

River Community raised the level of Cultural Awareness and involvement with a special program centered around Native American food, lore, spirituality, community and self-expression. Our guest speaker led the participants in a meditative exercise which is common in Native American experience -- the Medicine Wheel. Following this exercise the entire community was equipped with drums.  To everyone's delight, four drummers at the mother drum led the room in a Native American drum circle. It was coordinated with a delicious lunch of Native American recipes including fry bread and stew. The event created an electric atmosphere that participant's and staff spoke about for days.  We were honored to have various SMRS staff at our facility to share this wonderful experience with us.

April 30, 2011

Touchstones Primary Counselor, Irene Martinez CASII, attended a recent training where she was introduced to the use of drums in the Native American culture. Irene was moved by her own experience in the training and brought the idea of drumming back to the residents at Touchstones.

In their first drumming experiences, a group of six residents learned to compare the beating of the drum to the beating of the human heart. The drum beat is said to represent the heart beat of the earth. Residents talked of life being sacred as they drummed. They talked of respect for the earth, themselves and one another. This Group will drum for four weeks exploring the beautiful culture of the drum and its use in song, dance and prayer.

We hope to expand the use of the drums as staff obtains more training.


April 27, 2011

Today our River Community Covina and Wellness staffs facilitated a group that educated our participants on the significance of “Denim Day”. After viewing a brief power point presentation, each participant made their own pair of denim jeans and created a collage in support of this important day.