Recent News

“Smoking Cessation” group created an anti-smoking...

Participants in the River Community Covina and Wellness “Smoking Cessation” group created an anti-smoking poster, the theme of which was “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Participants “donated” their personal cigarettes to the project giving the poster a 3-D effect. They are very proud of their work along with their personal progress in their “Smoking Cessation” group.


Pizza saving lives

As Touchstones provides strategies for making healthy choices in a social model environment, we engage residents and staff in all aspects of family life. Among other life skills, residents and staff work together planning and preparing meals. When Dominoes Pizza donated pizza dough to Touchstones, staff and residents set out to build their own pizza although no one had any experience with pizza other than ordering it and having it delivered. Residents and staff planned, shopped and baked. The final product, as one 16-year old male commented, “this tastes just as good as if it had come out of a box."

Mid Valley Outpatient parenting program Letters...

Participants of our Mid Valley Outpatient parenting program wrote letters of thanks to Gareth Lee of DPSS to acknowledge the County’s support in providing parenting education to indigent populations in the El Monte Area. One participant wrote, “My relationship with my children is so much better since I started parenting classes. I feel like everything doesn’t have to be a fight anymore.”

In August, the Agency held its first All-Agency Staff meeting with our new employees at Mid Valley Recovery.  The main event was a contest between all SMRS programs in which staff was to provide a 3-minute commercial about their program. The Screening and Assessment and Marketing Departments judged the contest, evaluating the persuasiveness, timing, inclusion of the program description and staff, to name a few. Choosing the winners was a difficult task, as everyone did so well. Screening and Assessment enjoyed the time spent judging and we as a team look forward to working alongside our new family members from Mid Valley.

August 17, 2011

The residents of Mariposa in East Los Angeles had the opportunity to attend a retreat called WITS Women in the Spirit during the first weekend of August. The residents raised the registration fees with car washes. The retreat is located at Camp Williams Resort in Azusa, California, just right up the road from River Community. The residents enjoyed fun and fellowship with other women the recovery community. They attended multiple 12 step meetings and some of them even found sponsors. They were able to get several phone numbers from women who are willing to support their new clean and sober lifestyle. They enjoyed delicious food that was cooked by the volunteer firemen on the camp. The women also played in the river, participated in all the activities and even volunteered. Residents stated they had a wonderful time and are excited to go on their own next year.

August 14, 2011

Touchstones residents and staff loaded three vans and a U-Haul and headed for their Annual five-day camping trip. A unique treatment venue, the camping trip is fun and marks the end of the summer and the preparation for school to start. Touchstones residents attend school on our property five days a week for four hours a day.

August 11, 2011

Today, River Community was pleased to host another Cultural Awareness Celebration. This time the residents were treated to a red tablecloth tour of Italy, including the sights, sounds, fashion, history and culture. After lunch participants and staff put skit humor into a presentation of Italian culture, complete with an obnoxious tourist asking questions.

August 8, 2011

The men at the Greer House hosted a bar-b-que for the River Covina and Wellness participants and their sponsors. The participants wrote their personal “Mission Statements” which were used to decorate place mats and the walls for all to see. Those who did not have sponsors had an opportunity to talk with others about getting one, exchange phone numbers, and increase their sober support network. It was a beautiful day with a wonderful turnout.