Recent News

August 1, 2011

Participants of Mid Valley Outpatient will have the opportunity to attend two new groups as of this week. Seeking Safety is a manualized evidence-based practice, used to assist participants in learning and practicing new coping skills to deal with both substance use and trauma symptoms. Participants will also be able to take Employment Readiness group to assist them in developing and acting on a vocational plan. “Many of our participants have never held a job or developed the skills needed to acquire one. I’m glad we are able to help them with real life skills to get them into the workplace,” says Joann Saldana, a Counselor at Mid Valley. Participants will learn how to budget, identify employment goals, and how to fill out a job application and succeed in the interview process.

July 30, 2011

As a result of a generous donation by a friend of Touchstones, our residents were able to enjoy the Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Honda Center in Orange. Many residents said they had never been to the circus before this outing. Several residents found themselves feeling sorry for the animal performers and verbalized the fact that, unlike their human counterparts, the animals didn't have a choice about performing.

July 27, 2011

The Mariposa residents in East Los Angeles teamed up with New Hope Ministries in Montebello to provide their residents an opportunity to attend a women’s retreat. The Alhatti Christian Resort & Retreat Center is located in the town of Idyllwild, California, in the breathtaking San Jacinto Mountains. Residents enjoyed the peace and serenity nature hikes in the mountains. They watched the sunset and participated in worship services. Residents of Mariposa volunteered to assist the resort center that was understaffed at the time and received an acknowledgment award, which was jewelry for being of service to the resort. They enjoyed the amenities of the resort like the hot tub, sauna, room service, and delicious food. The residents also walked to the lake where they could feed the fish and had movies and popcorn in the movie room that was provided. One resident stated that she had a life changing experience and was able to get closer to her higher power. She stated she was really grateful for the chance to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.

July 26, 2011

The residents of Mid Valley Omni Center participated along with other programs of SMRS in a day full of sports, food and fellowship held at Covina Park. The residents enjoyed spending time in an environment where they could experience socializing and having fun with people without the use of any substances. Many of the residents wrote about their own thoughts and feelings. It appears that what stood out the most with the residents was the interaction and hope they shared with people that are going through a similar life changing experience. A resident wrote “Mid-Valley has helped me find the tools to overcome my addiction and instill a new honest belief system.” Another resident stated “Outings such as this drug free softball game gave me the chance to interact with others who have the same affliction as me. It is one of the few sober times that I will remember and cherish”.

Mid Valley joined River Covina/Wellness and River Community softball game last week. They stepped right in and had a great time. It was as if they had been coming for years.

July 9, 2011

Touchstones provides an ongoing smoking cessation group. This group educates residents on the effects of nicotine and second-hand smoke. Residents become aware of the immediate and long term physical effects of smoking, they explore their personal underlying causes and conditions leading to their unhealthy choices regarding smoking, and study current research which shows the challenges for long term abstinence for people who continue to choose to use nicotine products when they begin their journey in recovery.


July 8, 2011

This week, River Community Covina and Wellness program participants designed “Freedom Flags” to share their thoughts on what “Freedom” means to them as they continue their journey through recovery.

June 30, 2011

This afternoon PCADD staff held a 4th of July Barbeque at the program. We invited all AOD and MH program participants, family members, and alumni group members to the party. We had a great turnout and staff was provided the oppurtunity to cook for and serve our participants, their families and friends in the community. This activity was an excellent oppurtunity to demonstrate the power of recovery, unity, and service while also providing a safe and fun afternoon for all in attendance.

June 23, 2011

UCEPP staff co-hosted a press conference this morning near Dodger Stadium requesting State Officials to investigate the California State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s (ABC) monitoring of the Stadium. This action is in direct response to the brutal beating of Bryan Stow, in which alcohol played a central role. Community activists, Dodgers fans and the faith community asked ABC why no formal monitoring and/or investigation has been made regarding the Dodgers and alcohol sales. Over the years numerous news stories and reports have documented a growing problem of unruly fan behavior and public drunkenness by stadium attendees.