Recent News

A Gift of Gratitude

Laura in Screening and Assessment was surprised by a visit from a former resident who was celebrating his one-year sobriety date. When his girlfriend asked him what he wanted to do on this very special day, he replied, “I want to take flowers to Laura for putting me into treatment.” He was feeling very blessed and expressed his gratitude by bringing flowers to say, “Thank you.” Exactly one year ago, Laura screened the participant seeking treatment who was motivated to start his journey of recovery. After admission into treatment, the program further engaged him, and his testimony is one that he shares with as many people who would hear him. He was excited about his new-found journey and proudly communicated his success and progress which included a home, a job, family, and his recovery! Stories like this one keep us going and affirm that we are doing the work our hearts lead us to do.

Harvest Feast 2018

River Community's Annual Harvest Feast was wonderful this year! With over 300 guests, we enjoyed delicious meals prepared with love by our new kitchen chef supervisor. River Community has undergone many renovations recently; at Harvest Feast we showcased these improvement projects. We enjoyed two amazingly talented bands, a fun photo booth, a gratitude wall, and raffle including beautiful gift baskets. All preparation for Harvest Feast was done by participants and staff; it was an honor to host this successful event and look forward to next year!



Manifestation Boards at Rena B

A manifestation board is made up of a collection of things residents want to bring into their life. It can be something material, emotional, physical, or spiritual, or a mixture of all of those things. You can create a very specific board, for example, to attract and manifest the ideal relationship, or maybe a personal board representing who you would like to become in the future.

A manifestation board, or "vision" board, is a creative project. One of the concepts is to empower the residents, while another is how they can create their own reality. This is a great exercise to do personally or in a group. It is exciting to watch them look through all the magazines, as their creative sides emerge and they compile their thoughts and visions onto the board to reveal their stories.

Thank you to our staff member, Brandon James, for facilitating this session and capturing the beautiful photographs below.

Welcome Senate Candidate Susan Rubio!

Social Model Recovery Systems had a pleasant visit today by Senate candidate Susan Rubio. Susan, a full-time school teacher, is running a grassroots campaign and is currently serving on the council for the City of Baldwin Park. Raised in Los Angeles, Susan's heart and focus is with the struggling and under-served population. Her interest lies in the attempt to fight for funding for the programs that provide services such as those provided by Social Model Recovery Systems. We want to give a big THANK YOU to Susan for taking time out of her demanding schedule with the upcoming elections to visit our office to learn a little bit about Social Model Recovery Systems and the services we provide. We look forward to having her come back to tour our individual programs after the November elections.

WSOS 2018: A successful inaugural event!

Social Model Recovery Systems and the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) hosted the Western States Opioid Summit  on September 19-21, 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center. We would like to express our gratitude for all the wonderful speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors who supported this conference.


Keynote Speaker: Danny Trejo

Keynote Speaker Jodi Barber, Judy Redman (Director of Education & Training, Social Model Recovery Systems), Bruce Boardman (CEO, Social Model Recovery Systems)

Miguel Palos (Board President, Social Model Recovery Systems)

Keynote Speakers: Mel Pohl, MD (Chief Medical Officer, Las Vegas Recovery Center) and Donald Kurth, MD, MBA, MPA, DFASAM (Medical Director, Social Model Recovery Systems)

Speaker Daniel Headrick, MD (Medical Director & Owner, Tres Vistas Recovery and Headrick Medical Center), Josie Herndon (Addiction Therapeutic Services), and Mike Schaub (Social Model Recovery Systems)

Social Model Recovery Systems Employees: John Catania, Kelsey Moncada, and Mack Tolle

Lauren Mathews (Social Model Recovery Systems), Melissa Morales (Social Model Recovery Systems), Tamara Jimenez (Orange County Recovery Collaboration), Danielle Kelley (Social Model Recovery Systems)

Pete Nielsen (CEO, CCAPP), Speaker Wesley Geer (Founder, CEO, Rock To Recovery), and Kristina Padilla (Education Director, CCAPP)

Social Model Recovery Systems Employees: Dina Cruz and Socorro Chacon

Social Model Recovery Systems Employees: Larissa Jones, Chris Abernathy, and Jimmy Byrne

Speakers Sergeant Gustavo Marroquin and Detective Mike Margolis (both of the Los Angeles Police Department), with Matt Bloesch (Fairfield Police Department), Judy Redman, and Officers Johnny Dodson and Rich Armond (both of the Long Beach Police Department)

Speaker Evan Fewsmith (Founder and President, Pacific Solstice), Rachel Hoover (Pacific Solstice), and Speaker Tom Buckley, CADC II, BSW (COO, Pacific Solstice)

Jim O'Connell (Former CEO, Social Model Recovery Systems), Kim O'Connell, and Speaker Mitch Cherness (Orange County Health Care Agency)



Royal Palms at Let's Make A Deal

The men of Royal Palms were excited to be a part of the Let’s Make a Deal game show. They all had a fantastic time experiencing a game show while being sober. Some of the men had never been to a game show before. Enthusiastic discussions were heard around the house by residents hoping to attend another show.