Recent News

Annual Al-Impics Event

The Annual Al-Impics Event was held on May 12th at El Camino College. Thousands of people showed up for a day of fun in Recovery. River Community Covina and Wellness participants designed this year’s banner which was carried proudly by Nathan B. and Mark C. The dancers did a wonderful job and participants engaged in Karaoke and other activities that were held there. Everyone had a great time celebrating their recovery and that of their peers.

One Year Clean

Mid Valley Outpatient participant Luz celebrated one year clean this week. She celebrated with her peers, enjoyed chocolate cake, and shared her experience, strength, and hope.

Denim Day

Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence recently honored Denim Day by providing facts and statistics regarding sexual assaults as well as the history of Denim Day to our participants. Participants cut out and decorated miniature sized jeans made of real denim and hung them on a clothes line. They took pride in their work while expressing their feelings and providing a sense of hope to those affected by sexual assaults through this artistic outlet. Participants learned that through knowledge and a better understanding of what constitutes a sexual assault, they can make a difference by speaking out against any violence they may have kept quiet about before.

Easter Weekend BBQ

The staff and participants of Mid Valley Outpatient enjoyed a beautiful spring day as they held their annual Easter Weekend BBQ and Egg Dye. We had tons of food, and the children dyed and decorated 180 eggs. Participants made Easter baskets for all the kids, and hid the eggs for a giant egg hunt. Everyone had a great day enjoying recovery in the park. Charlie found an egg too!


Beauty Day in Covina!

Beauty Day in Covina! The women of River Community Covina and Wellness Center had a “make over” and the results were stunning. Putting on make up was new for some of them and they taught each other how to put on eye liner, how to determine their “color”, and how to feel better about themselves in general. It was a great way to begin the day. The women seemed to walk taller throughout the rest of the week. Special thanks to the program staff members for facilitating this day and to one of our staff members’ daughter for donating her Mary Kay supplies to make this happen.


Touchstones residents celebrated the beginning of...

Touchstones residents celebrated the beginning of Spring Break with a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Over 200 plastic eggs filled with candy were hidden in the Touchstones backyard and residents scurried around, giggling and picking them up from under branches, hidden in drain pipes, the branches of trees and behind various lawn decorations. There was a “special” silver egg hidden and everyone made a special effort to find it. The person who found it won a large Easter Basket full of lots of goodies in addition to the candies in their eggs. “I never realized how much fun it could be to be a kid,” 16 year old male resident said as he rushed through the backyard looking for the silver Easter Egg.

   Alcohol and other drug addiction cheat the user of so many positive life experiences. Little by little, almost unnoticeably, the user gives up life’s opportunities until all that’s left is the user and the drug or the promise of the next drug use. Touchstones residents, although young in age, talk of their using lives as though they were 30 or 40 years beyond their chronological age. They have experienced the devastation of drug use resulting in the loss of many childhood experiences. Along with teaching strategies for making healthy choices in their lives, Touchstones provides, as often as possible, opportunities to experience life from a child’s perspective.

   In addition to the egg hunt, residents used some of their Spring Break time working on several art therapy projects. Among them was the day they tie dyed garments. Each resident worked on a project and one laughingly said, "this is one art project we can all do, even those of us with no artistic talents".

Old Fashioned Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness Center had an Old Fashioned Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday. The participants dyed the eggs a few days before the event and then staff went to the park and hid the eggs. Participants and staff alike had a great time. Participant Ben found the “Golden Egg” and won the grand prize---a basket designed by Counselor Theresa. Afterwards, everyone threw a football around, played a few games and enjoyed a “concert” by Counselors Vanessa, Tim, and Chris. Everyone had a wonderful day in the sun.