Recent News

Padres Parenting Program

Michael V. recently completed his treatment with Mid Valley Outpatient, participating in the Padres Parenting Program, and followed up on referrals to the Department of Rehabilitation and Volunteers of America. Through Vocational Rehabilitation’s assistance, he enrolled in the Water Treatment Plan Operator Program at Mt. San Antonio College and with the assistance of Volunteers of America he was able to move into his own apartment. Michael also satisfied the requirements of Children’s Court and regained custody of his two daughters. Michael is a single parent and stated “I know it’s going to be tough, but I am trusting in God, the fellowship, and everything I have learned. There is no reason why I can’t do this.”

Michael R. celebrated ONE YEAR CLEAN

Michael R. celebrated ONE YEAR CLEAN! He is a Drug Court participant and is currently attending a local community college. Michael celebrated his birthday with peers and shared his experience, strength, and hope.

Cinco de Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo being celebrated in May, River Community chose to celebrate Mexico during our cultural day event. The history of Mexico and its people have a strong history here in Southern California and this was demonstrated by the amount of participation in the event. Residents worked diligently with Counselor Sara K., learning more about Mexico and its culture as well as the history of themselves and their families. Counselor Maria G. graciously presented her niece who delighted us in a return performance as she joined us once again in performing Mexican dances for the event. On the menu was carne with salsa verde which was devoured by participants and staff alike. Once again Kitchen Supervisor Patrick C. outdid himself with his culinary delights. Events like this continue to help build strong and understanding relationships between peoples of different cultures and religions.

Annual Al-Impics Event

The Annual Al-Impics Event was held on May 12th at El Camino College. Thousands of people showed up for a day of fun in Recovery. River Community Covina and Wellness participants designed this year’s banner which was carried proudly by Nathan B. and Mark C. The dancers did a wonderful job and participants engaged in Karaoke and other activities that were held there. Everyone had a great time celebrating their recovery and that of their peers.

One Year Clean

Mid Valley Outpatient participant Luz celebrated one year clean this week. She celebrated with her peers, enjoyed chocolate cake, and shared her experience, strength, and hope.

Denim Day

Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence recently honored Denim Day by providing facts and statistics regarding sexual assaults as well as the history of Denim Day to our participants. Participants cut out and decorated miniature sized jeans made of real denim and hung them on a clothes line. They took pride in their work while expressing their feelings and providing a sense of hope to those affected by sexual assaults through this artistic outlet. Participants learned that through knowledge and a better understanding of what constitutes a sexual assault, they can make a difference by speaking out against any violence they may have kept quiet about before.

Easter Weekend BBQ

The staff and participants of Mid Valley Outpatient enjoyed a beautiful spring day as they held their annual Easter Weekend BBQ and Egg Dye. We had tons of food, and the children dyed and decorated 180 eggs. Participants made Easter baskets for all the kids, and hid the eggs for a giant egg hunt. Everyone had a great day enjoying recovery in the park. Charlie found an egg too!