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River Community Covina and Wellness participants...

The River Community Covina and Wellness participants celebrated “Red Ribbon” Week by learning about its origin and then creating their red ribbons.


October 15, 2011

On October 15, 2011, Mid Valley’s Drug Court team and participants enjoyed a day at the park to celebrate their participation in a Los Angeles County Drug Court. Participants bbq’d with peers, friends, and family. Several competitions also took place for the best banner, three-on-three basketball, Dominoes, and Spades. Mid Valley took the second place trophy in the Volleyball competition, losing at the last minute to Pomona Drug Court’s American Recovery Center.


September 23, 2011

14 participants at the Mid Valley Outpatient Drug Court program in El Monte graduated on September 23, 2011. The two-hour celebration included presenting diplomas to the graduates and acknowledging their successes. It was concluded by case dismissals by the District Attorney’s office. The event was presided over by Commissioner Vasquez, the former judicial lead of the program, and lead by Debbie Nelson, Program Coordinator for Mid Valley. Program and executive management staff were in attendance along with Jerry Brown, a member of Social Model’s Board of Directors. Participants and their families enjoyed cake and punch following the ceremony. Mid Valley has experienced over 900 graduates of its Drug Court program since its inception 17 years ago.


Resedents celebrated the Mexican culture through...

As part of the cultural awareness celebration series, River Community recently celebrated the Mexican culture. Residents were exposed to Mexican cooking, breads and pastries, art and music. The highlight of the celebration was an authentic Mexican dance. Afterwards, piñatas made during the self-expression group were split open to rain candy on the residents. Everyone had a phenomenal time and talked about the event for days afterwards. Next month's celebration will be centered on the contributions of African Americans in our nation's history.


September 24, 2011

On Saturday, September 24, 2011, all SMRS gathered at Charles Farnsworth Park in Altadena, California, for a Recovery Celebration in observance of Recovery Month. This event had a great turnout and proved to be another worthwhile effort toward sharing the joys and benefits of recovery with participants, family, staff and the community.


River Community Covina and Wellness Center...

The participants of River Community Covina and Wellness Center programs made this beautiful banner for the “Recovery Celebration” that was held on September 24th. The participants painted their hands and placed them on the banner then added a coin representing how many days, weeks, months, or years they were sober. It was a joint project, the idea of which they came up with themselves. They enjoyed the entire process and were proud to display the results during Saturday's event.


Volunteers of America

At Mid Valley Outpatient, Donna Bautista, a case worker at Volunteers of America, recently arranged for a large donation of backpacks filled with school supplies for our participants and their children. Staff member Joe King had the pleasure of handing out these gifts. He shared, “It is a joy to see the gratitude in our participants’ eyes when we not only provide a needed service for their children, but help them feel more prepared to work toward their own education.”