Recent News

Old Fashioned Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday

River Community Covina and River Community Wellness Center had an Old Fashioned Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday. The participants dyed the eggs a few days before the event and then staff went to the park and hid the eggs. Participants and staff alike had a great time. Participant Ben found the “Golden Egg” and won the grand prize---a basket designed by Counselor Theresa. Afterwards, everyone threw a football around, played a few games and enjoyed a “concert” by Counselors Vanessa, Tim, and Chris. Everyone had a wonderful day in the sun.

20th annual Glendora Great Trivia Contest.

Social Model staff members Jim O'Connell, Margo Edwards, and Mike Schaub recently represented the Agency in the 20th annual Glendora Great Trivia Contest.

Another participant completed the requirements...

Tori M. completed the requirements for High School graduation and was presented a diploma in a Cap and Gown Ceremony held on the Touchstones property. Tori’s teacher, Mr. Segal, talked of his pride and admiration for the work Tori has done in the classroom. He cited the challenges that were in front of her and credited the treatment program for cheerleading and encouraging Tori to continue to choose academic success. Tori herself talked of the internal struggles that have come with her choice to continue to move forward in all areas of her life. In her graduation speech she thanked Mr. Segal, the treatment team and a special thanks to her parents for their continued love and support. Ed Madrid, Richland High School Principal, expressed his pride for all the residents at Touchstones as he presented Tori with her diploma and wished her well in her dream to become a psychologist.

Cesar Chavez and his impact.

Staff and participants of River Community Covina and Wellness programs were recently treated to a presentation on Cesar Chavez, facilitated by Mark C. Mark designed a Power Point presentation outlining Cesar’s life and accomplishments. He also shared a video of one of Cesar’s speeches and commentaries by some of his admirers. Afterwards, of course, there was food---lots of it. Mark’s peers made home made salsa, beans, rice, and enchiladas. They did a fabulous job!

Getty Museum in Los Angeles

In March, River Community participants and staff attended a special trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The event, arranged by the Resident Council, included a picnic, a tour of the museum and free time to wonder in amazement at this truly world class collection of artifacts and artistry. The residents represented the highest pro-social ideals of the Social Model movement. Their only complaint was that they would like to have had another day to "soak it all in."

Mike Schaub, Director of Outreach

Mike Schaub, Director of Outreach, was a keynote speaker at the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence conference in San Diego. In March, Mike also presented at the San Gabriel Valley Drug Free Youth Summit on the topic of “Addicted to Technology”.

The Leadership Team Orange Appreciation Award

The Leadership Team Orange Appreciation Award was awarded to Starla Rodgers, Touchstones Administrative Assistant, by Ed Madrid, Richland High School Principal. Starla was cited for her outstanding work on the School Site Council assisting the Richland staff as they enroll Touchstones residents in the Orange Unified School System.  Residents attend school on the Touchstones property with Richland curriculum and teaching staff.