Recent News

Awesome sponsor, someone that is working with me

Geneve B is a Mid Valley Outpatient Drug Court participant. She recently celebrated one year clean! She reports having an ”awesome sponsor, someone that is working with me, someone that is there for me, and gives me positive support”. She attends meetings almost daily, has a home group and a commitment. She is uplifting in the groups and her peers have praised her efforts and commitment. She is on the graduation list and will be completing the program on August 23, 2012.

Jim O'Connell, CEO, was invited to...

On June 14, Jim O'Connell, CEO, was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with Director Gil Kerlikowske of the Office of the National Drug Control. The event was hosted by Congresswoman Karen Bass, US House of Representatives California, 33rd District. Mr. O'Connell was one of 15 Executive Directors of substance abuse treatment and prevention providers in Los Angeles selected to participate in the roundtable discussion. Director Kerlikowske discussed the national landscape of drug treatment and prevention as well as White House programs. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions and/or concerns with the Director.


This month’s cultural day event at River Community was an extravaganza that was not to be missed! Staff and residents took a magical ride to the tropical paradise known as Polynesia. These islands, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, encompass a wide range of geographical space and contain many differences in societies and cultures. Patrick C. invited his family and company to come and dance for us, and the entertainment was splendid! After learning more about the culture and people of Polynesia, we ate Pork lau lau, chicken long rice, hua pia and lomi lomi smoked salmon. By continuing to allow residents and staff to share in their cultural upbringing, we are helping to expand the experience, strength and hope to people of all backgrounds. Aloha!

Trip to Olvera Street in Los Angeles

This month the staff and participants of River Covina and the Wellness Center took a trip to Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Traveling on the Metrolink, many for the first time on a train, they truly enjoyed the adventure. They had a great time walking around Olvera Street, sightseeing, people watching, and, of course, eating. Everybody had a great time, and we are looking forward to more adventures like this one.

Children’s Group at Touchstones

The Children’s Group at Touchstones recently completed a series on Bullying and presented their drawings in the Sunday Family Education Group. Many of the parents of these children were brought to tears in the short presentations as they realized the seriousness of bullying today and the impact it has on their young children.  The Children’s Group is a group of brothers and sisters of Touchstones residents. These participants are 6–12 years old and have been impacted by their brother’s or sister’s drug use and learn strategies for staying healthy in spite of the choices of other family members. The newly implemented Children’s Group curriculum was developed by Touchstones specifically to meet the needs of younger members of the family.

Padres Parenting Program

Michael V. recently completed his treatment with Mid Valley Outpatient, participating in the Padres Parenting Program, and followed up on referrals to the Department of Rehabilitation and Volunteers of America. Through Vocational Rehabilitation’s assistance, he enrolled in the Water Treatment Plan Operator Program at Mt. San Antonio College and with the assistance of Volunteers of America he was able to move into his own apartment. Michael also satisfied the requirements of Children’s Court and regained custody of his two daughters. Michael is a single parent and stated “I know it’s going to be tough, but I am trusting in God, the fellowship, and everything I have learned. There is no reason why I can’t do this.”

Michael R. celebrated ONE YEAR CLEAN

Michael R. celebrated ONE YEAR CLEAN! He is a Drug Court participant and is currently attending a local community college. Michael celebrated his birthday with peers and shared his experience, strength, and hope.