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Red Ribbon Week 2020

Our Social Model Recovery Systems programs have been showing their support by creating some awareness surrounding Red Ribbon Week. We have turned our facilities red, wore red ribbons, and shared the history with our staff and residents. Residents at River Community created Pledge Cards and Mid Valley Outpatient created a Red Ribbon Week wall. Red Ribbon Week has been a reminder of how communities can pull together to battle against drugs and promote drug-free lives!

SMRS Staff Highlight: Manwell Green

"On August 13, 2007, I checked in to the Bimini Recovery Center. After other attempts to stay sober in my past, I decided to try one more time. This time, I was going to do whatever the program instructed, because my way was not working. Was it easy? No, but I had great people around me that would not give up on me and refused to let me give up on myself. As I started to gain a true understanding of what I suffered from and a willingness to help others, I began to believe that I could recover and I could live my life free of addiction. Then, I was given a chance to be a volunteer and later given an opportunity to work at the very same recovery center that changed my life. Now, I have over 13 years of sobriety. I know that it’s all due to programs like Mary Lind Recovery Centers and Social Model Recovery Systems that had a desire to care for my life even when I didn’t. I am and will be forever grateful."

Creating Change in Local Covina City Politics

The Tobacco-Free Partnership Covina/West Covina, a program of Social Model Recovery Systems, was cordially invited by the mayor pro tem of Covina to present on the public health issue of secondhand smoke on October 20th, 2020.

Staff alongside our youth leaders presented the dangers of secondhand smoke, tobacco waste, and healthy alternatives to smoking. The images shared were taken during our virtual Summer Photovoice Art Workshops. Members of the Covina City Council strongly supported introducing a policy that would remedy secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing. Members of our Stamp Out Smoke (SOS) Covina Coalition showed their support during public comment. Join us in celebrating the health and wellness of future generations who will hopefully breathe easier and live longer from these efforts.

To view the video: 
1) Visit the website:
2) Click on the link to the October 20th 2020 meeting or copy and paste the link below to your browser:
3) Click on “Presentation D” button and it will jump to our presentation.

Well Done, Adelene & Charles!

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day encourages us to clean out our medicine cabinets and safely dispose of unwanted, unused, and expired medications. It also reminds us to properly store medications from unauthorized access and use. Visit to find a collection site near you so you can dispose of prescription pain medications, e-cigarettes, and vaping devices in a safe and responsible way this Saturday, October 24th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Red Ribbon Week October 23rd-31st, 2020


Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug misuse prevention awareness program. Red Ribbon Week started after the death of DEA Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who in 1985 was brutally tortured and murdered by drug traffickers he was investigating in Mexico. After Kiki’s death, people started wearing red ribbons to honor his sacrifice. Today, millions of people celebrate Red Ribbon Week by wearing red ribbons, participating in community antidrug events, and pledging to live drug-free lives. For more information and to access the Red Ribbon toolkit, visit

SMRS Staff Highlight: Edward Carr

"I started my drinking career at 10 or 11 years of age. Once I got older, I thought that’s what grown adults did, until I started going in and out of jail, getting kicked out of my mom’s house, losing jobs, not being able to stay in relationships, and almost losing my life in a serious accident. I received treatment at Bimini and Rena B, but was discharged for drinking off the property and coming back drunk. Royal Palms was the last house on the block for me to where the light came on and I got a sponsor and started volunteering. Life began to change for me. The former Program Director at Royal Palms called me into his office, because he had gotten word that I was looking for a job. Royal Palms is a place that I truly love. My mission for every resident that walks into treatment here is to succeed, because if I can do it, they can also."